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Database Driven Websites
Database Driven Website Content
Live website editing and content straight from your MySql Database
Editing your website content via a database gives you the control to manage your own website without the need for employing a webmaster.
Once you edit and save the content you put into your database, it will display live on your site immediately so that visitors can see those changes as soon as they next load up your page, it could be content such as images, blogs or other relevant text content applicable to your website or the business you are involved in.
Utilising Mysql and php can allow you to make your website much more functional and user friendly without the lengthy work you would need to undertake in say, html based sites.
Ideally you'll need to know exactly how you want your site to work so that the best functionality can be planned from the start. You can discuss your requirements in detail with your webmaster to ensure you get the maximum out of your website.


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